Troop 7’s newest Eagle Scout.

Please  join me in congratulating Tanner Wells as Troop 7’s newest Eagle Scout.

So proud Tanner!
Well done !

The Atchleys

Congrats Tanner! A job well done.

The Brantleys

Congratulations 🎈!

Jeff Chambers

Oh, how exciting!! Congratulations on a job well done!
The Splichals

Congratulations Tanner, job well done.

Charlie Newcomer, Counselor

Congratulations Tanner!

DeeDee Risher

Congratulations, Tanner!

The Elder Family

Congratulations Tanner!

The Diaz Family

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Eagle Scout, Pierce Splichal – May 2020

Please join me in congratulating our newest  Eagle Scout, Pierce Splichal

Congratulations Pierce! We are so proud and happy for you!

The Chambers

Congratulations Pierce!

DeeDee Risher

Congratulations Pierce!!

Laurie Traill

Congratulations Pierce, well deserved achievement!


The Diaz Family.

Congratulations Pierce and family.

An award well deserved.


Charlie Newcomer, Counselor

Congrats Pierce!
From the Brantley’s

Way to go, Pierce! The Elder Family is super proud of you!

Ellen Elder

Congratulations, Pierce!!!
The Roach’s

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Heritage Park 5 Mile Hike – March 14, 2020

It was a steely-eyed and boisterous group of 14 scouts and adults that congregated by the school house at Heritage Park today for our 5 mile hike.   These scouts were ready to brave the muddy hills and steaming piles of odoriferous horse dung encountered on this glorious day in the great outdoors.  The boys learned some essential scout knowledge on map orientation,compass headings, and the ever important question “should we confirm our location on the map?” and “where do you think we are?”   In the spirit of pi day we explored the relationship between a heading of due north 0 degrees and due south 180 degrees.  Scouts who did not keep the 2 mile per hour pace were forced to recite pi to 10 digits.  We finished up with ice cream in the parking lot with a dry ice experiment.  All scouts and adults survived.   Parents please make note in scout books for first and second class requirements.

Scouts included :

Aaron B
Evan P
Jacob R
Michael R
Bennet A
Tucker M
Liam M
Gage H

“Adults” I use the term loosely

Tom Wells
Brett Atchley
Mauro Rossi
Keith Middleton

Respectfully Submitted,

Brett Atchley

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No scout meeting on Tuesday March 17th.

Troop 7,

In light of the Covid-19 situation in Georgia, it has been decided that the troop will be following the same policy as Westminster and other schools by not having a meeting this Tuesday March 17th.
It has not been decided whether or not we will have a meeting next Tuesday March 24th.
Stay safe,
Michael R.
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Information technology merit badge selfie!!!


Hello world!!!

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Congratulations to our new Eagle Scouts

Please join me in Congratulating Collie and the rest of the Pearsons and Sean and the rest of the Mulkeys.

ColliePearsonEagle SeanMulkeyEagle

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Mountain Biking Trip Report Oct 11 – 13, 2019


Mountain Biking Trip at Hard Labor Creek State Park
The trip got off to a great start Friday afternoon with cool clear weather.  We left WCA just before 6pm and arrived at the Pioneer Campground #3.  Tents and hammocks were quickly set up before dark and dinner was eaten.  The Scouts enjoyed having nothing that had to be done and just hanging out for the evening.  A board game also brought some excitement.

Continue reading

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Trip Report Robins AFB – Sept 27-29, 2019

Troop 7 set off with an impressive lineup of 12 adults and 16 scouts for the Robins Air Force Base Friday night at 6pm.   Kudos to the many young scouts who made this their first camping trip!

Screenshot from 2019-10-02 15-29-29

The advance recon team of Rob/Evan P Bucky/Tucker K were met with some skeptical looks from steely eyed Airmen guarding Gate 3 when they arrived, but after locating, in military fashion, the correct acronym, the EAL (Entry Authorization List) from Senior Airman Owings, Troop 7 was on their way to the campsite.    Continue reading

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Upcoming trips….

Find out about our next trips, click on Upcoming events and trips option at the menu, or click the following link:

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Trip to New Gilwell May 10- 12, 2019

With the threat of rain for the weekend and the Boundary Waters crew rescheduling  the Base Camp crew revised their plans and took a last trip to New Gilwell. The weather was okay until late night and then had a deluge. But the weather cleared and had a great day with lots of rank advancements and time spent on totin chip requirements.  There was also time spent on the Lake paddling canoes. The was a weather line that went through late afternoon. But cleared off and had a campfire. We got up and had a chapel service. Thanks to Samuel R for acting as SPL for the weekend and Zach W for leading chapel.

Happy Mother’s Day
Samuel R
Harrison R
Zach W
Daniel D
Daniel S
Gage H
Drew  R
Mike R
Jason R
David D
Tom W
Wesley W
Always an Adventure
Tom W
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