Troop 7’s newest Eagle Scout

Troop 7,

Please join me in congratulating Jackson Mulkey on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.
Jackson M
Congratulations and good job!

Robert P.

So good to see such a big smile!  Great job!!
The Pearsons

Congrats to Jackson!

The Elder family

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Smoky Mountain Camping Trip – May 11-13, 2018

Smoky Mountain Camping Trip

Deep Creek Group Campground

After meeting at WCA at 5:30pm Friday, May 11th, we made an unusually quick packing and get away and were on the road just before 6pm. We arrived in Bryson City before nine after each car had taken a short pit stop on the way. We traveled to the Deep Creek Campground and set up in the dark. Even though it was dark, the Scouts quickly set up their tents and got settled.

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Troop 7’s newest Eagle Scout!!



Join me in congratulating Joseph Higginbotham, Troop 7’s newest Eagle Scout!!

Rob Byrne

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Lockin Trip report Dec 15-16, 2017

The evening started at CiCis pizza with everyone gathering for the Annual December Lockin.
The Pizza was eaten in a leisurely fashion by the adults with a good time of fellowship.  The scouts ate theirs more accurately inhaled so that they could get to the game room. Where Tristan’s sister outplayed everyone in the Claw prize machine.
 Some scouts went through their money in the Arcade Room fairly quickly and approached me about advances against their Scout Accounts. Mrs. Lisa I charged them a hefty interest compounded daily. The troop should be set for funding.

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Mountain Bike Camping Trip November 17-19


                We gathered at WCA at 5:30 on Friday evening making a quick load up of bikes and gear.  We made our way to Ft. Yargo State Park for camping, mountain biking and a good time.  We got some practice setting up tents in the dark, starting campfires and braving the chilly night time weather.  Saturday morning was overcast and cool, but after some great breakfast meals of grits, eggs, and sausage we were ready for the day.  The scrambled eggs were legitimately the best eggs I think we have ever had on a trip.  Two groups set out from camp for mountain bike riding of either a short or long course.  Both groups had a good time and either covered 12 miles or 7 miles around the lake of Ft Yargo.  While one group was biking, the base camp crew was learning some basics of Scout camping such as orienteering, fire building and just having a good time camping.  The Ft. Yargo pioneering campground was big, allowing us to spread out and enjoy the shelters, fire pits and open camping area.  The weather cooperated all day Saturday and warmed up by lunch.  After lunch, some Scouts were adventurous enough to go back out for another round of biking.  The trails offered both some technical riding and some scenic riding and were given good reviews by the Scouts and adults, alike.

                As the sun went down, the Scouts prepared another good meal for dinner.  One group had burritos while the other group opted for hamburger helper.  Both meals got positive reviews from their patrols.  After dinner, we gathered around the campfire and talked about the day and our roses, thorns, and buds.  A tired group of scouts made it back to their tents fairly early.  Overnight, the rain and wind made some noise but then it cleared up and cooled down.  Sunday morning was chilly and the campfire was a priority to help warm up.  It gave us a chance to talk about dressing for the weather and being prepared for different weather possibilities.   Breakfast was good, but cereal and milk didn’t help with the temperatures.  The Scouts were good sports though and completed some more advancement requirements including swinging an axe and hatchet.  At the end, Adam T was recognized for advancing to the rank of Life!

                Big thanks to the adults who helped with transportation, biking, and working with the Scouts.  Thanks to Dave M for transporting the trailer.

                Overall, it was a good trip with lots of advancement, activity, friendship, and fun!

Scout Attendees

Mathew M, Drew C, Tucker M, Ian S, Samuel R, Harrison R, Michael R, Ben S, Pierce S, Henry S, Stephen P, Adam T, and Thomas M


Robert P, Brett A, Mike R, Jason R, Tom W, Adam T


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Troop 7’s newest Eagle


Join me in congratulating Thomas Dickerson and his family on obtaining Eagle


Jeff Chambers

Congratulations Thomas and Dickerson family!
The Roach family

Congratulations Thomas!

From the Byrne family


Congratulations Thomas, I’m sure this is a well deserved milestone of many more to come.


The Diaz Family.
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Troop 7′s newest Eagle Scout Jack Byrne


Please join me in congratulating Troop 7′s newest eagle Jack Byrne and also his parents.
Thomas Wells

Great Job Jack!!
The Pearson Family

Congratulations to you, your parents and family for all the effort,  hard work and dedication.
Keep up the good job!!!
The Diaz Family.

Congratulations Jack!
The Phillips Family

Congratulations Jack!
The Chambers

Congrats Jack!
Atticus and Miss Elizabeth

Congratulations, Jack, on an outstanding accomplishment!
-The Splichals

Congratulations to Jack!
The Dickerson’s

Great work!!
The Traill Family

Congratulations Jack and family on a job well done!
The Roach family

Congratulations Jack!
The Risher family

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Troop 7′s newest Eagle

Scout Luke Wells


Please join me in congratulating Troop 7′s newest Eagle Scout Luke Wells

Congratulations Luke from the Mulkeys!!
We are proud of you!

Dave Mulkey

Yay! Go luke!

Atticus L.

Congrats to Luke from the Elder fam!

Ellen Elder

What a wonderful accomplishment Luke! Congratulations!

The Dickerson Family

Congrats Luke!!! Good job man!!

Dylan T.

Great Job Luke!

The Pearsons

Congratulations Luke!
Super proud!

The Atchleys

Congratulations Luke! Well done!!

Rob B.

Congratulations Luke from the Roach family!!

Luke, congratulations, we all at the troop celebrate your accomplishments, keep up with the good job!!!!

The Diazes

Great work Luke, Congratulations.

Charlie Newcomer

Strong work!! What a wonderful accomplishment!

The Splichals

Congratulations Luke!
The Risher family

Congratulations Luke from the Sutton.

Congrats Luke!



Jeff C.


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Newest Eagle Scout


Join me in congratulating Atticus and Elizabeth on his successful
Completion of his Eagle Board this evening

Congratulations Atticus!!!
I’m so proud of you
Dave M.

Way to go Atticus!!!!
Knew you would make it!!
Brett A.

Awesome job Atticus. All the hard work paid off and I am sure the lucky council patch helped also "</p

Congrats to you and your mom. Elizabeth you put in plenty of hard work (and camping trips) yourself!!
Lisa P.

We’ll done Atticus!!
Rob Byrne

Congratulations Atticus!!
The Chambers

Great job Atticus!
The Rishers

Your personality, attitude and determination will take you far, be always yourself, don’t change, because you are such a great guy!
Congratulations on a well deserved honor to you and your family!
The Diazes

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Expedition 609-L Chattahoochee Bend State Park January 28, 2017

Our 4th Pre-Trek hike in preparation for the 2017 Philmont Trip started at 6am at WCA Saturday morning.  We proceeded south in hopes of finding just a little warmer weather compared to the North Georgia mountains and the Appalachian Trail.  Some of the Scouts enjoyed their first visit to a “Dwarf House” and decided to see if they fit through door.  After a quick breakfast at Chik-fil-A, we proceeded to one of Georgia’s newest (2011) State Parks for a nice little walk.  The weather cooperated by giving us sunny conditions and cool temperatures.  While not in the mountains, our hike was a rigorous one due to mileage.  Crew 1 managed to hike 13 miles between 10am and 4pm including a lunch break and a couple of short stops.  Crew 2, however, managed a nice walk in the woods of 15 miles during the same time.  Quite an accomplishment, even if you thought the terrain was a little more flat than usual when carrying a full backpack.  If you want to know more about the park, just click the link, Chattahoochee Bend State Park.

Once back to the campsite, the crews set up tents and enjoyed some more freeze dried meals of the variety that we will enjoy at Philmont, spaghetti  and beef stroganoff.  Dark comes early this time of year and so did the falling temperatures.  Being at a State Park, we enjoyed an uncommon activity on hiking trip, a campfire.  The group gathered around the campfire and were treated to stories of unlikely scuba diving survivals, ghosts, and a one man show including an extended Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation (thanks to Drew C).

The night eventually won out and everyone retired to their tents.  The clear skies, which gave a great view of the stars, also allowed the temperatures to fall and we awoke Sunday morning to temperatures in the upper 20s.  But, a little frozen condensation and frost on our tents and gear couldn’t slow down a march towards the mornings reward, IHOP.   Pancakes, and mostly those of the chocolate kind, were a wonderful reward for the hard work of the previous day.  We made it back to WCA before noon.  Plenty of time for the adults to work out the kinks before Monday!

Thank you, Robert

P.S. Remember to unpack your tent and let it dry out today and tomorrow.  Never store a wet tent, unless you want to grow mold!!!

Adults: Jamie S, Robert P, Dave M, Brett A, and Jeff C

Scouts: Pierce S, Stephen P, Tristan M, Andrew M, Jake A, Thomas D, and Drew C

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