April 2016 Trip Report

On Friday afternoon the participants gathered at Westminster and quickly loaded the trailer. We made the trip New Gilwell without any difficulty. The scouts quickly went about setting up camp. They were able to get settled fairly quickly and had a flag ceremony. Some of the guys went fishing and later on played a game of manhunt. Lights out was at 10.

We got up at 7 in Saturday. The patrols cooked breakfast. Both patrols had mountain man breakfast. Rank advancement was worked on to include knife and axe safety. We then had lunch and participated in building a canoe rack on site. The day was fairly relaxed and laid back. Supper was chili and pizza. After dinner had campfire with roses, thorns and buds. We the had a lesson in astronomy.  Sunday morning rolled around and one patrol had omelets in a bag with the other having pancakes and bacon. The fishing continued throughout the weekend and a flag ceremony was done each day at the flagpole located lakeside. Thanks to Luke W for providing leadership as acting SPL and to Jackson S and Drew C as Patrol Leaders for the weekend. Thanks also to all the adults who camped and helped. Congrats to Jeb R, Daniel E, and Camden E for marking scout rank over the weekend. We arrived back Westminster at noon. We look forward to returning to New Gilwell to camp in May for the cooking camp out.
Patrol A – (Scorpion/Falcon/Under Tender)
Ryan B
Daniel E
Camden E
Tristan M
Collie P
Henry S
Pierce S
Jackson S – PL
Luke S
Tanner W 
Charlie B
Tom W
Patrol B – (Phoenix/Tiger/Under Tender)
Ben A
Drew C – Acting PL
Tucker M
Andrew M 
Jeb R
Samuel R 
Adam T
Luke W – Acting SPL
Brett A
Kevin R
Jason R
Always an Adventure
Tom Wells
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