Court of Honor August 28, 2018

Court of Honor is a ceremony that is held twice a year by our troop on a regular Scout Tuesday night.  All parents and siblings, grandparents, etc. are invited. 

At Court of Honor, Scouts will be given off-white cards with merit badges/rank advancements printed on them.  They have the scoutmaster’s signature at the bottom.  These cards are extremely important.  They serve as proof (a receipt of sorts) that your son earned the rank/badge.  He may need to provide them later when applying for Eagle Scout.  Please keep them in a safe place.


Court of Honor is very nice, and sometimes funny.  It is a window into Scouts for parents and an opportunity for us to express our pride in our sons’ accomplishments.  The boys work hard, and they feel special when we take the time to acknowledge their efforts.  You are all invited to Court of Honor, and your sons will enjoy having you join them for the celebration.
Please enjoy the following Pictures from our last Court of Honor.
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