Navigation Overnight August 20-21, 2016

The trip started out Saturday afternoon as Scouts began arriving at Camp New Gilwell around 1:30pm.  The recent wet weather created some muddy area making it necessary to hunt for new, less messy, tent sites. While the tents were going up, Scout Master Tom worked out a navigation course of 14 points, complete with decoy flags to keep the Scouts honest and sharpen their skills.  After some instruction time by the ScoutMaster and the older Scouts on the use of a compass, the hunt began.  Older Scouts were paired with younger Scouts to help guide, teach, and encourage.  After a little more than an hour, the group got together to debrief about the use of a compass and to learn how to judge distances and heights.

We had a few brief showers and some thunder throughout the day but nothing would stop a good campout.  Both patrols set out to cook a pasta dinner and a fruit cobbler.  We may need a review of how to make cobbler, but the pasta dishes were great!  Pierce S. put together a gourmet pasta dinner with bacon, chicken, onions, red bell pepper, and alfredo sauce.   There is no reason your Scout can’t help cook at home.

Night navigation was discussed as we gazed at the stars from the field next to New Gilwell.  Finding the North Star was hampered by the presence of clouds, but we did spot 2 planets, a constellation and get a better understanding of the importance of a good compass and headlamp (otherwise known as being prepared!).  The campfire consisted of “Roses, thorns, and buds” and a couple of good ghost stories including one by Tucker M.  The Scouts were all in their tents by 10:00.

Breakfast was another display of good cooking with sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns making up breakfast burritos and a cook stove version of mountain man casserole.  A good cleaning of the campsite and then personnel gear and the Scouts were ready to leave. We had a good Chapel Service led by Pierce S. and were dismissed.

Although short, it was a great trip with lots of activities and rank advancement opportunities!  Please remember to dry out your camping gear and not to put it away wet.  No one likes a moldy tent!!!

Scouts in attendance: Jake A., Bennet A, Matthew M., Tucker M., Pierce S., Henry S., Michael R., Tanner W., Drew C.

Adults in attendance: Brett A., Mike R., Robert P., and  Scout Master Tom W.

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