Pioneering Campout Report May 2015

At 5:30 on 5/29/15, 17 brave scouts and their 6 valiant adult leaders gathered at Westminster Christian Academy for the short journey to beautiful Smithonia Georgia.  We traveled through the fields and trees to the camping area along a giant canyon (small stream). The scouts made camp, then set out to cook supper (sandwiches or hot dogs depending on your patrol). A short camp fire was enjoyed, then all were to bed. No one was eaten by bears. The next morning, all rose, and the patrols set out to cook excellent breakfasts of pancakes or sausage and eggs. Some scouts had to brave extremely sensitive new propane stoves. Only very few grease fires ensued, and all were handled appropriately. We then began to construct the worlds largest Monkey bridge. We used a Double A Frame system, and a 1 1/2″ manila rope to walk on, with 1″ manila hand ropes, and about 1000 feet of 3/8″ manila rope for lashings and stringer ropes. We constructed most of the bridge before lunch, and then after a rest and our fill of sandwiches, chips and apples, we set out to raise and secure our bridge. Everyone then in turn put on the safety harness, and journeyed across the 45 foot span. All were very proud to reach the other side, and many felt like Indiana Jones.

We then hiked to the lake, and while several scouts worked on their swim qualifications, everyone swam and cooled off (and hopefully washed off some poison ivy). Many swam out to the swim platform in the center of the giant lake. All were rested. We journeyed back to the camp ground, and the three patrols set out to create new culinary treats. The Falcon patrol made BLT sandwiches (who doesn’t like bacon!!). Some were surprised to learn that BLT sandwiches didn’t include hamburger paddies. The Tiger Patrol made some of the most delicious fried chicken anyone had ever eaten. The adult patrol had a fine shrimp and chicken paella. There was plenty of food and everyone was able to sample other patrols feasts. All then had camp fire chocolate bananas, and some delicious peach cobbler among other deserts. After a prolonged cleaning / KP time, a giant camp fire was enjoyed by all, and then all were exhausted and off to bed. Some slept in tents, and others in hammocks. Sunday morning, the patrols again cooked hot breakfasts. After clean up and sweeping the area, scouts were able to cross the bridge again, then we packed up and headed home. We were back at WCA by 11:45am, safe and sound.
Everyone should be proud. That bridge is Amazing!!
We did not complete the pioneering merit badge on the campout, but we did complete the hardest parts. We will be able to tackle the rest at 1 or 2 troop meetings this summer or in the fall. We Completed: 1 a&b, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10

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Falcon patrol:
Joseph H.
Tanner W.
Pierce S.
Henry S.
Adam T.
Brody J.
Collie P.
Thomas D.
Tiger Patrol:
Jack B.
Luke W.
Ryan D.
Jackson M.
Andrew M.
Sean M.
Jackson S.
Michael V.
Zi B.
Adult patrol: (with patrol assignments for eating all but Saturday supper)
Rob B. (tiger patrol)
Tom W. (falcon patrol)
Francisco D. (tiger patrol)
Jamie S. (falcon patrol
Dave M. (tiger patrol)
Seth W. (falcon patrol)
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