Teton Pre-Trek Hike Stone Mountain

December 7, 2014
The Scouts arrived under a bright full moon at Herman C. Michael Park at 5:45 am (mostly).  We loaded up and headed to Stone Mountain for a 1 day hike.  The plan: up the mountain, down the mountain, around the mountain, up the mountain, down the mountain.  We arrived at the base of the mountain and began our day’s trek.  I was hopeful that in the many years since I had climbed the mountain that as an adult it would simpler.  I was wrong! But everyone made it up and down the mountain without incident even though there were still some wet, slippery areas in all the steepest points.  After making it nearly all the way down, we turned off and began following the Cherokee Trail.  This trail took us around the Stone Mountain lakes, through the surrounding woods and was generally a nice hiking trail of about 5 miles.  The crew’s pace moved quickly and without interruption.  Before completing the Cherokee Trail we were treated to scenes of the Grist Mill and of Snow Mountain (which looks rather fun and may be a good family outing later this year).  Once back to the Mountain Trail it was one last trip up and then down.  Wtired_backpackerhile we moved a bit slower the second time, everyone made the trip again without incident and little complaining.  Lunch was a feast in the parking lot with comparisons of home made backpacking lunches.
We arrived back in Watkinsville just after 1:00pm with enough time in the day to be even more productive.  Of course, some may have been too tired to do much else.
Robert P
Hikers in Crew 3
Adults: Dr. Wells, Dr. Splichal, Dr. Phillips, Ms. Kilgore
Scouts: Matthew A, Atticus L, Tanner W, Stephen P, Pierce S, Daniel (Troop 537)
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