Trip Report – Shooting Sports Weekend Nov 13-15, 2015

After a delayed start, the Scouts from Troop 7 left for CRM for the shooting sports weekend.  Arriving at camp after dark, the Scouts did a great job setting up camp and their adirondacks for the night.  Lights out for our group was at 10pm, but the group next door apparently didn’t get that memo.  We exacted our revenge by waking up at 6am and retrieving our supplies for breakfast which required transporting everything through their camp!

After breakfast, the Scouts divided up into their groups and found their instructors for archery, rifle, and shotgun.  While most of the morning was spent in class, arrows, bullets and shot began flying after lunch.  The shooting portion of these badges are the most difficult portions to complete and the Scouts were challenged to hit their targets with consistency.

Meanwhile, back in camp, the troop trailer was undergoing conversion.  New shelving was purchased and installed to make use of the vertical space and to make inventory, packing, unpacking, and travel easier.  Tom W and Tap P worked diligently and innovatively to make these great upgrades to the trailer.

After a long day of class work and shooting the Scouts went to work on supper as the sun was going down (along with the temperature!).  A warm dinner of either ground beef burritos or hamburger helper followed by a dessert of cookies helped make the transition to the nights campfire.  Stories and jokes helped entertain the Scouts and adults.  The Scouts retired to their adirondacks with directions to “sleep in”.

Sunday morning was spent in camp making breakfast, having Patrol Leader Council, and Boards of Review.  Two Scouts advanced to 1st class and PLC made plans for trips next year.  The Scouts cleaned up camp, the adirondacks, played with “River” the camp dog, enjoyed the last remains of the campfire.  Troop 7 returned to WCA in the afternoon after another successful camping trip.

Thanks to all the Scouts and Adults who made it a great trip with special thanks to the SPL Atticus for great leadership this weekend.  Robert

Scouts: Atticus L,Wesley W, Tristan M, Drew C, Tanner W, Stephen P, Jake A, Bennett A, Ryan D, Collie P, Jackson S, Adam T, Brody J

Adults: Robert P, Tom W, Tap P, Brett A

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