Trip to New Gilwell May 10- 12, 2019

With the threat of rain for the weekend and the Boundary Waters crew rescheduling  the Base Camp crew revised their plans and took a last trip to New Gilwell. The weather was okay until late night and then had a deluge. But the weather cleared and had a great day with lots of rank advancements and time spent on totin chip requirements.  There was also time spent on the Lake paddling canoes. The was a weather line that went through late afternoon. But cleared off and had a campfire. We got up and had a chapel service. Thanks to Samuel R for acting as SPL for the weekend and Zach W for leading chapel.

Happy Mother’s Day
Samuel R
Harrison R
Zach W
Daniel D
Daniel S
Gage H
Drew  R
Mike R
Jason R
David D
Tom W
Wesley W
Always an Adventure
Tom W
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