Upcoming Events

Hello Troop 7,

   The SPL meeting was this past Sunday and the leadership and scouts met and discussed the next few trips and badges. There was good discussion to keep the next few trips at a lower cost so that the SNOWSPORTS trip could be the only expensive one coming up. This will give the scouts some time to earn $ for it or SELL SOME POPCORN to get $ back in their scout accounts!!!

  Here are some updates on the next few trips:

  • Aug.- Patrol trips should be rolling along this month.
  • Sept. 1-3 Labor Day weekend (just a couple of weeks form now) Huntington Island FAMILY camping trip- everyone is invited, but we have limited space at the sites. Dr. Jamie Splichal is heading up this trip and NEEDS TO KNOW what other adults and scouts are planning on coming so we can make sure we have enough drivers. He went last year and has good info if you have any questions.
  • Oct. 12-14 (most likely dates) Dr. Wells will be organizing a backpacking trip somewhere on the AT. Good skills to acquire as being able to say that you have hiked on the AT!!! More info to follow.
  • Nov. (early)- Camping at New Gilwell (local property) and having fun at the corn maze at Washington Farms
  • Dec. 14-15 (most likely dates)- Lock-in at Westminster with organized games/movies.
  • Jan.- 18-21 or 26-28 TBD SNOWSPORTS trip- Wolf Laurel Lodge. Scouts can work towards earning snowsports badge in snowboarding or skiing. Everyone wears a helmet (included in the rental) and there is usually a group lesson set-up.
  • Feb. TBD – Possibility of camping at Mammoth Cave National Park. They have group sites outside the cave- in the park- but touring the caves is accessible by walking from the campsites. This will help scouts earn the “camping in cold weather” part of the camping badge ;)

Please email me with any questions! When dates are firm and reservations made, I will put it on the troop calendar!