Hunting Island Trip Report/Labor Day Weekend Family Sept 3-5, 2016

Nine scouts, six adults and three siblings left Westminster Christian Academy early on Saturday morning.  In spite of the recent passing of Hurricane Hermine, we enjoyed fantastic weather and beach conditions all weekend.  We took our time getting down to Hunting Island and all enjoyed a late Huddle House lunch in Hampton, SC.  Camping at Hunting Island is ideal for a family camp weekend because of its facilities – we pitched our tents right next to some very modern restrooms and just over the dunes from the beach.

On Saturday, we arrived early enough to set up camp, had our kind cooking patrol prepare spaghetti while many of us enjoyed the sun and waves.  Falling asleep Saturday night in dry tents and listening to the sound of the surf was a great way to end the day.  On Sunday, we got up and enjoyed bacon and Scout pancakes with chocolate chips and blueberries as well as chapel service and then set off to learn about alligators at an educational presentation at the conservation center.   I believe that at the scouts and siblings got to touch Bonnie and Clyde, the 2 year old gators that are kept at the center.  After the gator talk, many of us explored and climbed up the circling stairs to the top of 136 foot tall Hunting Island Lighthouse.   Following a quick sandwich lunch, the younger siblings, some scouts as well as your author went back to the beach while Dr. Atchley and Maj (ret.) Rue and Pierce Splichal led 5 of our Scouts on a 5 mile hike to satisfy Second Class advancement requirements.  That evening, we enjoyed another delicious dinner of tacos/fajitas followed by Mr. Maxey’s banana pudding and s’mores around the campfire.  After Roses, Thorns and Buds, we retired to bed, got up and made it home reasonably well today.  One of my best memories of the trip was being prodded out of bed by my nine year old daughter, Cecilia, early today to look for shells and sand dollars.  What a spectacular sunrise over the ocean this morning and a nice time for us.  And we found lots and shells and 2 sand dollars. Special thanks to Mr. Rue for driving and pulling the Scout trailer, to Ben S. and Jake A. (and their moms) for shopping – we ate super well all weekend–, and to Mr. Paul Maxey who drove and gracefully handled the breakdown of his Expedition’s fuel pump on the way home and ended up spending an extra, unexpected day in Beaufort waiting on repairs.


Jake A.

Bennett A.

Tucker M.

Matthew M.

Jeb R.

Samuel R.

Pierce S.

Henry S.

Ben S.



Brett A.

Paul M.

Donna M.

Jason R.

Jamie S.

Daniel S.



Cecilia S.

Teddy S.

Henry S.

Report by: Jamie Splichal

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