Lockin Trip report Dec 15-16, 2017

The evening started at CiCis pizza with everyone gathering for the Annual December Lockin.
The Pizza was eaten in a leisurely fashion by the adults with a good time of fellowship.  The scouts ate theirs more accurately inhaled so that they could get to the game room. Where Tristan’s sister outplayed everyone in the Claw prize machine.
 Some scouts went through their money in the Arcade Room fairly quickly and approached me about advances against their Scout Accounts. Mrs. Lisa I charged them a hefty interest compounded daily. The troop should be set for funding.

In all honesty I held firm with a NO answer. But the possibility was there.
From there we traveled to Showtime Bowl and rolled a couple of games. In the lanes next to us most have been the extras from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie. I had a hard time bowling because of one guys sparkling green blazer.  The bowling went well. However the the only one of our group with any possible career on the professional bowlers tour is Dan E.
We then went back to Westminster and had the start of Monopoly, Basketball, and movies. Snacks were brought out. Some sleep was obtained. Due to some unexpected plumbing issues Brett A, Dan E and Tom W were able to perfect their mopping and flood control skills.
Everyone seemed to have a great time.
Thanks to all of our drivers and our  younger adults for helping out. They have both went through
Youth Protection Training and the scouts enjoyed having them there.
Special thanks to Brett A, Hayden S a for staying all night with us.
Also thanks again to Dan E for being on the flood restoration crew.
I am assuming the next 48 minutes will go smoothly with only cleanup happening. Our SPL has just been roused from his slumber to take control of the process
Respectfully submitted.
Always an Adventure
Joseph H
Tanner W
Tucker M
Henry S
Andrew M
Ian M
Ben S
Liam M
Tristan M
Matthew M
Pierce S
Jake A
Bennett A
Thomas M
Daniel E
Brett A
Dan E
Hayden S
Luke W
Amy M
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