May Trip Report

Troop 7 departed Watkinsville from Westminister on a Friday afternoon heading south for middle Georgia.  After about an 1.5 hour drive we arrived at the Sires farm outside of Gray.  The camping contingent was  10 scouts and  3 adults strong.  After arriving and quickly setting up camp the scouts disappeared into the tall grass of one of the fields to play a game. 

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Jackson S worked on building a fire ring.  The scouts settled in and lights out at 10.  Arising the next morning breakfast was cooked and our host the Sires joined us for breakfast.  We got ready and went The Old Clinton War Days.  We were able to visit the Union and Confederate encampments.  The reenactors explained about black powder guns and cannons.  We were given and insight into camp life.  After a picnic lunch earplugs were handed out and the battle ensued.  The reenactment of the Battle of Sunshine Church lasted for 45 minutes with an explanation of the history of the battle before and during.  Afterwards we went back to camp for an afternoon of relaxation.  For the younger scouts we were able to get in a second class requirement of signs of 10 local animals.  Also my brother in law came and brought his UAV(drone) with camera and demonstrated it for the boys.  Dinner was cooked and after dinner we had campfire with roses, buds and thorns.  After campfire some of the scouts just relaxed others played an in the dark version of man hunter.

The next morning came early and after breakfast we had chapel service on perseverance led by Wesley W.  We were able to get in a 5 mile hike with compass and map instruction.  Mr Jensen providing map reading instruction and the older scouts pairing up with the younger scouts to work on compass skills.  Also a couple of scoutmasters conferences got done.  We then packed up trash sweep done and departed

Thanks to Wesley W SPL for the weekend and Conar J and Jack B PL for the weekend.  Also attending

Pierce S
Drew C
Jackson S
Zi B
Matthew A
Mason A
Stephen P

Tom W
Pete J
Robert P

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