Mountain Biking Trip Report Oct 11 – 13, 2019


Mountain Biking Trip at Hard Labor Creek State Park
The trip got off to a great start Friday afternoon with cool clear weather.  We left WCA just before 6pm and arrived at the Pioneer Campground #3.  Tents and hammocks were quickly set up before dark and dinner was eaten.  The Scouts enjoyed having nothing that had to be done and just hanging out for the evening.  A board game also brought some excitement.

Saturday morning breakfast was bagels and fruit with cream cheese and peanut butter (go figure).  Then, a group of 6 left camp for the mountain bike trails.  The bikers did approximately 5.5 miles before lunch and then another 2 miles after lunch and returned to camp about 2pm.  The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing.  The weather on Saturday was warmer and eventually some clouds moved in, but all stayed dry.   Some Scouts referred to it as “being chill”.  The 2 patrols cooked “walking tacos” and “hobo meals” for dinner.  Both received good reviews before being followed by s’mores.  Campfire closed out Saturday night with the addition of spooky stories.  Sunday morning brought the opportunity for one more round of mountain biking in cool, overcast weather conditions.  Fewer people on the trails made for an easy, relaxing morning ride and another 3.5 miles of riding.  The Scouts made another good fire which was used to cook hot dogs for the group before the final packing of the trailer.  We arrived back at WCA at 1:30.  Kudos go out to: the shoppers as each patrol envied the other’s food at some point over the weekend; to Mauro R. for helping transport water from the campground office to our dry camp; to Samuel R for his leadership as Senior Patrol Leader; to Harrison R as patrol leader; and to everyone who helped make the trip a success.
Thank you,
Robert P
Scouts attending:  Patrol 1: Harrison R, Stephen P, Daniel S, Gage H, Tucker M, Tucker K;  Patrol 2: Samuel R, Evan P, Josiah R, Jack M, Jacob R, Pierce S
Adults: Robert P, Brandon H, Mauro R, Tom W
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