Smoky Mountain Camping Trip – May 11-13, 2018

Smoky Mountain Camping Trip

Deep Creek Group Campground

After meeting at WCA at 5:30pm Friday, May 11th, we made an unusually quick packing and get away and were on the road just before 6pm. We arrived in Bryson City before nine after each car had taken a short pit stop on the way. We traveled to the Deep Creek Campground and set up in the dark. Even though it was dark, the Scouts quickly set up their tents and got settled.

The next morning got started early with the need to set up the kitchen and the new shelter in case of rain. While the weather the whole weekend was sunny and beautiful, it gave some Scouts the opportunity of putting the shelter up for the first time. Then, a breakfast of grits and fruit followed. Maybe next time we won’t try to boil 3 gallons of water when 1 will do.

After breakfast, we started our first adventure of the day. A short drive took us to the Oconaluftee Visitor Center to learn about life in the Smoky Mountains complete with a replica farm with buildings built in the 1800s. The walk around the grounds was highlighted by spotting a turtle near the river. Another short drive took us to Mingus Mill, an 1800s grist Mill. While it wasn’t working due to a broken part, it was interesting to see the mill and the water source.

Afterwards, it was back to camp and a hot dog lunch. Once complete, the boys had some free time to spend fishing, wading in the creek, and just hanging out. Congratulations to Mathew M who caught a fish in Deep Creek despite the presence of river tubers and splashing Scouts.

At the suggestion of a fellow camper, Saturday afternoon was interrupted with an adventure to the Bryson City fly-fishing museum. The Scouts participated in a scavenger hunt for various fly-fishing equipment in the museum. An inordinate amount of time of the scavenger hunt was spent on looking for a fishhook sharpener. We then returned to the “quiet” environs of the National Park. Surprisingly we did not see a bear, even though our neighbor’s idea of putting their food up and out of the way of the bear’s way was to put the food in the back of their open truck bed. We came back and had a dinner of meatballs subs, then desert with s’mores with each Scout receiving an exact amount of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate as divided up by Stephen P.

The last adventure of the day was an after dinner hike to a waterfall. Just a short walk, UP THE HILL!!!!. The Scouts then enjoyed the evening campfire with jokes, stories, and our thorns, buds, and roses.

We got up Sunday morning and had a breakfast of bagel and leftovers. After chapel service led by Daniel E., we packed and left returning to WCA at noon, Sunday, May 13th . Happy Mother’s Day!!

Thanks to Dan E, Lisa P, Robert P, Tap P, Tom W for adults. Samuel R provided leadership as acting SPL

Scouts: Tucker M, Stephen P, Daniel E, Matthew M, Collie P, Samuel R, Tristan M, Henry S, Pierce S, Liam M

Adults: Tom W, Dan E, Robert P, Lisa P, Tap P

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