Summer Camp 2014 Trip Report

What does

2-4 adult leaders
13 youth
1 highly motivated camp staff
1 drone
44 merit badges earned plus numerous partials
2 mile swimmers
1 belly flop competition
1 scouts skills competition team
1 water show live team
1 fire works show
3 campfire ceremonies
1 lasagna
1 pot roast
1 apple cobbler
fresh french fries and onion rings
numerous flag formations
memorable dining hall meals
lifetime memories
innumerable life learning experiences

have in common?

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They were all part of Troop 7’s summer camp experience.  We departed from Watkinsville at 9am on Sunday and arrived in Clayton at 1045 and had lunch at Wendy’s  We then arrived at Camp Rainey Mountain and then fun began.  Mr and Mrs Booth had arrived before us to handle paperwork and pay fees.  We did have to stand around a tad.  But once things started it moved quickly and efficiently.  We arrived in our Campsite Monroe and had 4 adirondacks.  We shared campsite with Troop 537 and a couple of other troops as well.  Our SPL Ryan B departed that evening for Epic whitewater adventure.  He appointed Luke W to be acting SPL while he was offsite for the week.  The evening went well and opening Campfire went well.  Monday morning came quickly and  some what  earlier for those doing the mile swim as they had to be at the waterfront by 530 am for practice.  The merit badge classes  went well with the experiences  varying from Welding to Environmental Science to Metalworking to Indian Lore to Electronics to Lifesaving to Canoeing and multiple other merit badges being worked on as well.  Monday evening brought the much anticipated by the scouts Scoutmaster Belly flop competition.  The SPL Luke W commented thanks dad for injuring yourself for our enjoyment.  We did try to bribe the judges with coke and oatmeal raisin cookies.  The rain stopped on Tuesday and the heat began.  Tuesday brought heat and humidity.  Then Tuesday Evening brought Scout Skills Competition.  Troop 7’s team of Luke W, Mike VH, Pierce S,  Tanner W and Jacob P represented us well making it through the first round of competitors and going deep into the second round before being eliminated.  Thanks for them stepping up and representing us.  Wednesday continued with more merit badge classes, more fun, and more heat.  Also adult Brett A was able to join us for a a couple of days.  He had helped bring us up on Sunday and had to go back to work but was able to come back to help out.  Wednesday evening brought another campfire with a flag retirement ceremony and a spectacular fireworks show.  As promised on Sunday afternoonWednesday evening brought mandatory showers for those not having had one by Wednesday night.   Thursday broke early with our 2 mile swimmers Jacob H and Jackson S completing the mile swim after getting up the previous 3 mornings and being at the waterfront for progressively longer swims for practice.  Then Free Range Thursday began.  This was a new addition to CRM this year.  On Thursday normal merit badge classes are not taught.  They scouts have the opportunity to go experience different activities over 4 different periods during the day.  The guys took the opportunity to take part in different activities from CPR class to paddle boarding to chemistry show to free swim to activities at the nature lodge to kayaking.  The scouts were able to have opportunity for shooting sports as well.  The PA system at the amphitheater was up and running with live commentary and music playing having BIG ROCK Radio up and going giving a very festive feel to the camp.  The afternoon ended with Water Show live competition.  The event consisted of a team of 3 swimming across the lake with a paddle.  Once across the  lake all three had to get into a canoe from the water and go back across the lake to the  amphitheater but with only one paddle.  Our team of Mike VH, Matthew A and Luke W represented us well finishing in the top 3rd of all the 15-18 troops taking part.  Charlie B and Harry B came up Thursday afternoon and stayed to help bring the troop home on Saturday.  Thursday evening the boys cooked in camp as the staff was off.  We had Lasagna, pot roast and vegetables, garliic bread and apple cobbler.  There was a movie playing in one of the shelters and some of the guys went to it.  Friday brought the wrap up of classes  and closing campfire and the return of Ryan B.  We had a 7am trailer pickup Saturday am.  Luke W had us up and moving at 545 and we had the trailer packed and ready to go at 0640.  Unfortunately our pickup was about 30 minutes late.  We did get out of camp by 8 and stopped for a quick breakfast at Chick Fil A in Clayton.

Thanks to adults Robert P for being in camp all week and Brett A and Charlie B for the help in leadership and transportation.

Scouts in Camp
Ryan B
Luke W
Tanner W
Pierce S
Mike VH
Jackson S
Joseph H
Jacob P
Stephen P
Matthew A
Conar J
Jack B
Jake A

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