Summer Camp July 2015 Important Info

All scouts attending CRM for summer camp should be at our next scheduled scout meeting, Tuesday, June 23rd @ 7:00pm.   Please review the information listed below.
Contact me with questions. 
Always an Adventure
Tom Wells.

Departure and Arrival Plans
For those signed up to attend summer camp, please be at Westminster Christian Academy Sunday, June 28th at 9:00am for departure.   We have to pack the trailer so be on time! We will return on Saturday, July 4th at approximately 11:00am.   Scouts will call parents during the return trip home on Saturday with a more specific return time. Travel to and from CRM is in Class A Uniform. 
Major Don’ts
Do not bring electronics. Do not bring cell phones. Do not bring food and/or drinks.  Do not bring open toed shoes. Do not bring anything you are afraid of breaking or losing. Do not take food or drink into your sleeping accommodations, even for a moment. Do not expect others to keep up with your gear. Do not be a grump!  Don’t read this list just once!
Major Do’s
Do prepare for fun! Do bring daily prescribed medicines and let the Scoutmaster know.  I will keep up with meds and dispense Do put your name on everything. Do bring your toiletries. Do bring closed-toe shoes. Do bring money. Do bring extra shoes. Do review the packing list, twice. 


Need Money? 
You will definitely need money for lunch on Sunday. We eat before arriving to CRM at one of several fast-food choices.  Some CRM courses have special supply fees, listed below, and must be purchased prior to class at the CRM Trading Post. You might need money for snacks, drinks or CRM souvenirs from the Trading Post.   In all cases, keeping up with money is each scout’s responsibility. 
Individual Scouts should bring these fees to camp with them for Trading Post Purchase:
Basketry & Leatherwork – $27.00
Woodcarving – $ 7.00 (Collie)
Indian Lore – $25.00 – $35.00 (Joseph)
Space Exploration – $ 12.00 (Ryan, Sean)
Courses requiring pocket knives:
If you are taking a course that will require the use of a pocket knife (i.e. woodcarving), please remember to take your knife and your Totin’ Chip with you.  If you don’t bring your Totin’ Chip, you may be asked to go to a special class at TNT to re-earn it.   If you can’t find your Totin’ Chip, see me  at Tuesday’s meeting.  I can get you a new one before we get to camp.


Eagle Required Merit Badge Courses:
Scouts taking an Eagle-required merit badge at camp will need to review what he has learned with our Troop Merit Badge Counselors to complete the badge.  This review will take place at the July 7th troop meeting.
Our camp site will have a combination of two-man canvas tents and/or multi-scout adirondacks. All scouts will sleep in CRM supplied accommodations.  Bringing your own tent is not practical due to space limitations.  Scouts make their choice of sleeping arrangements according to rank.  

First Year Campers:
If this is the first year that your son is attending summer camp, homesickness is a very real possibility.  Most everyone, even seasoned Scouters with many nights camping, will from time to time suffer mild to severe homesickness.  However, most of the boys deal with these feelings on their own and learn how to handle it themselves.  The symptoms can include: withdrawal, upset stomach, loss of appetite, general sadness.  Lack of appetite and dehydration do make things much worse.  Our adult leaders are trained to recognize the symptoms and intervene early.  We take homesickness very seriously, and strive to teach the boys how to resolve this themselves.  Phone calls and visits from parents are not allowed as this will just make the situation worse. But your scout will work through these issues with adult supervision, gaining a valuable skill and confidence that will be with him forever. See message below about care packages! 

Phone Calls:
We have a strict “no phone call home” policy.  Any calls from CRM are important and will come from an Adult Leader, not a Scout.
Family Emergency: 
Cell phone coverage at CRM is very limited. Therefore, all emergency phone calls should be directed to Lisa Phillips. She will have the appropriate phone numbers to get in touch with the adult leaders. 
Care Packages and/or Mail: 
Please let your son know you are thinking about him by sending a small care package or letter (if you place it in the mail on Monday, it will arrive on Wednesday or Thursday).  Mail call is anticipated and is a sure fire way to lift your boy’s and the troop’s spirits.   (Packages mailed after Tuesday may not arrive before we come home from camp.)
The Mailing Address for CRM is:
Camp Rainey Mountain
Scout Name
Troop 7

Meals and Snacks and Drinks:
The food at Camp Rainey Mountain is nutritious and provides sufficient energy to do anything that Scouts need to do at camp.  Supplemental food (candy and cookies) and drinks hidden in backpacks and trunks only serve to encourage the ants and skunks (yes, SKUNKS, and sometime albino SKUNKs, do reside at camp).  The scouts can buy a candy bar, crackers or similar snacks at the CRM Trading Post.  The troop provides plenty of water and bug juice daily so make sure to bring a reusable water bottle.  NO, YOU CAN’T HAVE OR BRING ENERGY DRINKS. The troop adds $5 to camp registration for nutritious snacks that will be provided in camp.  Given no sugary alternative, boys will eat anything/everything else.  I would like you to encourage your young man to take advantage of the in camp snacks and eat at meal time and not splurge on the high carb low nutritional value snacks from the trading post


What to Pack In
Large duffle bag or plastic container with snap-on lid; sleeping bag in garbage bag–SCOUT NAME ON ALL
Some scouts bring a SMALL day pack for carrying items to/from class
Class A Uniform – complete with shirt, shorts, belt, socks, and t-shirt
Class B T-shirt
Extra clothing–shorts, t-shirts (scout appropriate,) socks, underwear-consider ziploc bags for each day’s clothes
Extra Shoes–wet shoes stink and they’re not fun to wear! Shower Shoes? 
(no open-toed sandals, closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times at camp)
Sweater or jacket
Eating gear for Thursday night; plate, fork, spoon, knife–no disposable items
Rainwear/poncho–pack where you can access this quickly
Flashlight or Headlamp with extra batteries–pack this where you can access this quickly
Hat–scout appropriate
Water bottle
Special items for specific classes (see attached catalog and notes for each class on pg 3-5)
Sleeping bag or bedding, small pillow if needed
Full size garbage bags for sleeping bag, wet clothes or dirty clothes returning home
Swim trunks
Soap, shampoo, deodorant, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other personal items–small travel size
Washcloths and towels–consider hand towels, they’re smaller
Scout Handbook in ziploc bag, notebook, pens, pencils
Money for Sunday Lunch, CRM Course Supplies (where applicable) and Snacks/Drinks at Trading Post
Additional items, such as a camera, compass, backpack, flashlight, non-aerosol sunscreen, non-aerosol insect repellent.
Additional Notes:
1) At CRM, the troop will supply each scout with a CRM map & class schedule
2) bring a tarp and small amount of twine. if you are in a tent, it will leak if it rains. 
3) proper conduct is expected of all scouts & leaders; each scout should use the scout oath, scout law and common sense to form the basis of his behavior while at camp. 
4) the following are prohibited at CRM: guns, ammo, fireworks, fixed blade sheath knives, pets, illegal drugs and/or alcohol, scout electronics, aerosol cans, fires in tents or structures, and rock throwing. 
5) and of course, scouts or leaders that violate CRM and/or troop rules are subject discipline including dismissal from camp 
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