Trip Report Lake Jocasse

The group going on this trip left actually ahead of schedule. We pulled out of Westminster approximately 15 minutes early. This boded well for the weekend and things just continued to go our way. We made it to Dr Cannon’s house in approximately 2 hours. The Cannons were out host for the night and local guide. The boys quickly git their gear setup and sleep out under the stars on the deck overlooking the lake.

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We got up early Saturday morning.  We had breakfast of eggs bacon pancakes and fruit. We then hit gear loaded on the boats to ferry us across the lake to where we would start our hike. We first went and hiked up to see a beautiful waterfall near the Cannon’s this was a 1 mile round trip hike . the adults shuttled the cars around to Devil’s Fork state park. There we got the canoes stringed together and towed them across the lake to Laurel Fall Access.  We got them up on shore. We took out gear up to the campsite and setup camp quickly. Dr Cannon then ferried us over the where we started our hike on the Foot Hills trail. We started at Cane Break Access point. We hiked approx 6 miles in about 2.75 hours. We crossed a swinging bridge, some us being attacked by yellow jackets  and also climbed a set of stairs dug into the side of the mountain. One of the comments  about them later was we should have took a picture no one will believe us about them. We got to camp and cooked dinner. Hung the bear bag and purified water. We had a campfire with thorns buds and roses. We turned in early. We go up early and was ready to start canoeing by 8 am after a quick breakfast lakeside. We canoed 7 miles with some across open lake. We loads canoes and changed back into class As and deodorant applied. We stopped for lunch at The Kitchen Table. The menu was on the wall and consisted of drinks of tea unsweetened and sweet and water.  There was a choice of 3 different meats and 7 different sides and 3 different deserts. After lunch we had a chapel service lead by our chaplain Robert Phillips with scouts participating. Everyone arrived home safely. Overall a great trip with lots of challenges and adventure.

Special thanks goes to Dr Cannon and his wife Joy for the extreme hospitality . Also to Robert P and Rob B for providing adult leadership with me this weekend and Jack B for providing youth leadership as acting SPL The below are the inaugural Troop 7 77 club( hike 7 miles one day and canoe 7 miles the next ). Scouts Jack B acting SPL Luke W ASPL Mike VH crew leader Mason A Matthew A Jackson S Tanner W Stephen P Always an adventure

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